[December 2 – 23, 2018] Thailand Yoga 200hr, 300hr, and AcroYoga Teacher Training Certification


Join us for a 200hr, 300hr, and/or AcroYoga Teacher Training Certification coming up this December in Thailand!


If you’re here to become a certified yoga teacher or simply want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, you’re in the right place!


Our Get Loved Up 200hr, 300hr and Acro Yoga Teacher Training will enhance your existing yoga practice, introduce you to the world of teaching yoga and inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.


Yoga and Acroyoga is a beautiful practice filled with connection, trust, community, and support. We believe as you evolve on your mat you evolve in the world.


Learn how to connect to yourself, to each other, and to the earth in deep and meaningful ways.

Learn how to build a community and support yourself and support one another, uplifting the vibration of this world.

Learn about the three major roles in AcroYoga, Base, Flyer, and Spotter.

Base – the person who is typically supported by the ground with the entire back torso in full contact. Points of contact with the flyer are the feet, hands, and around the hips.

Flyer – the person who is elevated from the ground by the Base and flows in a series of dynamic movements.

Spotter/safety – the person who keeps the base and flyer safe (mostly spotting the flyer) physically and emotionally. This keeps the practice safe, fun, and lighthearted.

Learn the Acro alphabet – positions the flyer assumes that do not change regardless of orientation: hollow, tuck, arch, open straddle, pike straddle, straight, stag legs, double stag

Hand grips – hand-to-hand grip, reverse hand-to-hand grip (or front plank grip), butterfly grip for spotting, and various shoulder/shin, and foot grips.

We will also focus on the four different types of flying – front flying, back flying, side flying, and inversions.

Front flying – learn front-flying sequences where the flyer is facing the base

Back flying – learn back-flying sequences where the flyer is facing away from the base

Side flying – learn side-flying sequences where the flyer is on the side

Inversions – learn the basic foundations of inversions first by yourself and then on top of a partner

Finally there is Therapeutic flying – learn how to give a massage to someone while flying them upside down; let gravity do the work in applying pressure and relaxation. This is how we recover and show gratitude for our community

*Food and Lodging included in price.

*Flight not included.


Meet your Teachers & More information on Lodging, Curriculum, Daily Schedule, CLICK HERE



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