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Handstands & Handbalancing:
Beginner friendly – start building your strength and flexibility needed to obtain a free-standing handstand away from the wall. We will present helpful tools and knowledge so that you get the skills and confidence needed for practicing the art of hand-balancing. Whether this is your first encounter with standing on your hands or you are already well acquainted with handstands, come learn and play with us for more shapes, drills, and pressing action. Handstands themselves are challenging, and the art of entering handstands with subtle momentum may be even more challenging, but with the proper techniques and skill, it can be extremely accessible.

Beginner friendly. We break down all the parts of this practice to ensure that you learn the foundations of AcroYoga efficiently and safely while building strength, flexibility, connection, and trust. Master the basics so you can base, fly, and spot all the foundational postures with anyone, anywhere. Learn the technicalities of AcroYoga in a playful and relaxed environment surrounded by our amazing and supportive community. We can’t wait to share our love and joy for this healing practice with you all! Bring a friend or two for basing, flying, and spotting. 

Beginner friendly. We will lead you through yoga flows for any occasion – vinyasa, yin, partner yoga, partner stretching or focus on core, hips, shoulders, arm-balances, backbends, twists, etc. We tailor the practice to your specific needs and help you achieve your goals.

Nutrition counseling:
We provide nutrition education and daily meal planning, specializing in plant-based diets. Learn how to eat intuitively and transform your body from the inside out. We advocate a diet based on whole foods, rather than fad diets. In addition, we provide medical nutrition therapy for: diabetes, heart disease, liver/renal disease, CHF. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and goals.  

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